Coarse lost circulation material for use in all drilling fluids.

General Description

Mixed, selected cellulose fibers. Surface modified to preferentially oil wet in the presence of both oil and water.

Product Benefits

  1. Good high temperature performance.
  2. May be used as a pretreatment to prevent losses. Excellent for remedial work after severe losses are encountered.
  3. May be used alone or in conjunction with Blen-Fyber.

Product Description

  • Color: Dark brown to tan (mixed)
  • Form: Obvious mix of sized cellulose fibers
  • Specific Gravity: 1.1
  • Bulk Density (lbs./cu. ft.):
  • Uncompacted: 10-12
  • Compacted: 20-22
  • pH in Water (10 ppb): 6.5-7.5
  • Packaging: 25 lb. multi-ply bag with poly-inner liner.

Typical Treatment:

  1. Blen-Plug can be used most effectively as a slug or pill treatment. For severe losses, typical concentrations of 20 to 40 ppb (or more) may be used directly in base mud. Pilot testing is strongly recommended to establish the most cost effective application.
  2. For persistent partial returns Blen-Plug may be used alone or with Blen-Fyber in either pill concentrations or maintain 4-12 ppb throughout the whole system. (Note: the particle size of Blen-Plug is too large for fine screens. Temporarily bypassing screens may be required. Alternative methods of tourly sweeps can also be used.)

Recommended Uses:

  1. Excellent lost circulation material for use in highly vugular, dolomite, or limestone formations.
  2. Very effective sealant and wall cake conditioner in unconsolidated gravel beds of other highly porous and permeable formations.
  3. Reduces cost and improves performance of cementing liners in many difficult areas.
  4. Can be used alone or with many other LCM’s such as sized calcium carbonate or with selected specialty materials such as Blen-Fyber or Blen-Seal.
  5. Can be used a pretreatment to prevent lost circulation or used to regain circulation.

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