Seepage loss control additive in low pressure unconsolidated sands. Control fluid wetting of micro fractured shale sections. For use in oil and water muds.

General Description

Multipurpose drilling fluid additive designed to stabilize shale, prevent cuttings dispersion and provide lubricity in both water and oil base muds.

Product Benefits

  1. Effective in preventing differential sticking of drill pipe in water base mud systems, particularly in low pressure and/or depleted sands.
  2. Pretreated to make readily and easily dispersible in water base systems. No additional dispersants needed.
  3. Dispersible in both oil and water. Exhibits little solubility, however, in either diesel oil or water, except as elevated temps.

Product Description

Color: Grayish black fibrous powder

Form: Resin-coated micronized cellulosic fiber

Dispersibility: Readily disperses in oil or water

Availability: Available in 40lb sacks

Typical Treatment

  1. BLEN TROL can be readily mixed as a pretreatment to a water base mud in desired quantities directly through hopper.
  2. Slug treatements or pills are sometimes effective when “wiped” around. This technique provides a high concentration of BLEN TROL across the face of a micro fractured shale section or a low-pressure sand. Wher such pills are desired, they can be prepared by dispersing 20-50 lb/bbl of BLEN TROL in water brines, diesel oil, crude oils, mineral oils, or water base muds.

Recommended Uses

  1. To reduce problems associated with fluid sensitive shales.
  2. To reduce seepage loss in microfractured shales and unconsolidated, low pressure sands.
  3. To reduce formation of mud rings.
  4. To assist in freeing stuck drill pipe when added to oil or water as a spotting fluid concentrate.
  5. To assist in minimizing torque and drag caused by differential sticking tendencies.
  6. To provide lubricity.

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