Vision Statement

Boysenblue International, Inc. was formed in 1979 for the purpose of marketing certain drilling fluid additives direct to operating oil & gas companies.

Boysenblue (under the guidance of several major oil and gas companies) built its product line with premiere and unique products for the purpose of preventing or curing crises associated with loss of circulation, differential sticking, torque & drag reduction, seepage loss and shale control. Well by well, Boysenblue drastically reduced TOTAL well costs and our reputation, through very hard work and word of mouth, quickly spread throughout the oil & gas community.

Boysenblue was very successful and our reputation spread internationally – hence the birth of Celtec, an international company we later merged into one with Boysenblue, creating Boysenblue/Celtec International, Inc. (BCI).

BCI entered the manufacturing sector with the birth of Celstar (a wholly owned subsidiary of BCI) wherein products were custom designed and blended for specific geological formations.

BCI is focused on technology for the present and the future. BCI is constantly searching for new and unique products for the petroleum industry.

Technology for the present and the future.

Custom Blending

Today’s wells are deeper, hotter and more complicated than anytime in drilling history. Boysenblue/Celtec International, Inc. has been in business since 1980, with many years’ experience developing products to meet the critical drilling needs of our customers.

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Reduce Down Time

Sine 1980, Boysenblue/ Celtec International’s applied cellulosic technology has saved oil companies millions of dollars and reduced down-time.

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