• Lost Circulation
  • Differential Sticking
  • Torque and Drag
  • Seepage Loss
  • Shale Control

All of these problems mean additional costs. More drilling fluid expenses, additional rig time and shut downs, cost over-runs. Boysenblue/Celtec International, Inc. offers the following products to cure your specific drilling problems and help cut down on these un-wanted drilling expenses.

Should one of the following products not fill your needs, Boysenblue/Celtec International, Inc. also offers custom solutions and blends to solve the specific conditions your geological structure dictates. Simply give us a call so that we can access your needs.

Technology for the present and the future.

Custom Blending

Today’s wells are deeper, hotter and more complicated than anytime in drilling history. Boysenblue/Celtec International, Inc. has been in business since 1980, with many years’ experience developing products to meet the critical drilling needs of our customers.

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Reduce Down Time

Sine 1980, Boysenblue/ Celtec International’s applied cellulosic technology has saved oil companies millions of dollars and reduced down-time.

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