Blen-Fyber Fine


Seepage loss control additive. For use in oil and water mud's.

General Description:

Identical in composition to BLEN FYBER Particle size distribution is considerably finer, with the intent to seal finer porosities encountered down hole.

Product Benefits:

1. Provides excellent seepage control without the expected large increases in rheology common to other fibers.
2. Good high temperature performance.
3. Effective secondary emulsifier in invert emulsions.
4. Biodegradable.

Typical Treatment:

1. BLEN FYBER FINE is used as a treatment for seepage losses in all mud systems. It may be used in pre-treating the entire circulating system by adding 4-10 lbs./bbl. Maintenance will vary according to the formation and the amount of overbalanced pressure. Normal maintenance levels of treatment are only 3-6 sacks per hour.

2. Also can be used through periodic sweeps, pills or slugs. In most cases, concentrations of 15-35 lbs./bbl. are recommended. This remedial approach can be used to obtain maximum sealing performance with the minimum of product cost and time.

Product Description:

Color: Light tan
Form: Finely divided cellulose fibers
Specific Gravity: 0.9
Bulk Density: Uncompacted: 10 - 12
(lbs./cu. ft.) Compacted: 22 - 25
pH in Water (10 ppb): 6.5 - 7.5
Packaging: 25 lb. 3-ply bag w/ poly liner
Thermal Stability: non-combustible

Recommended Uses:

1. Unique seepage loss additive for oil and water mud systems.
2. May be used in high concentrations in oils or water as a high fluid loss/high solids squeeze to cure severe lost circulation.
3. Ideal for use in mud's when drilling through depleted or normally under-pressured sands.
4. Excellent hole cleaner prior to running casing or logs, or while milling/cutting casing windows.