Spud Seal


SPUD SEAL is a coarse lost circulation material and hole cleaning product, specially blended for use in drilling unconsolidated formations typically found in upper hole formations.

General Description:

SPUD SEAL is selected sized cellulose fibers blended with non-damaging water soluble polymers.

Product Benefits:

1. Used to cure severe lost circulation.
2. Excellent for hole cleaning.
3. Can be used as a viscosifier in spud mud.
4. Excellent for sealing off massive sand formations in surface hole.
5. Biodegradable, non-damaging to productive formations.
6. Can be mixed in fresh, brackish, or sea-water.

Typical Treatment:

1. For regaining loss of returns: add 15 ppb. of SPUD SEAL to water and spot near theft zone.
1. Use as a hole cleaner: add 8-10 ppb. SPUD SEAL to 40 bbls. of mud and pump sweeps as needed.
2. Viscosifier: add 2-3 ppb. of SPUD SEAL to mud to aid in maintaining viscosity in spud mud's.

Product Description:

Color: Brown to beige mixture
Form: Mixed cellulose fibers and polymer blend
Bulk Density: Compacted 22-25
(lbs./cu. ft.)
pH in Water (10 ppb): 7.5-8.5
Packaging: 25 lb. 3-ply bag w/ poly liner

Recommended Uses:

1. Used to cure lost circulation in most vugular or fractured formations.
2. Used to plug unconsolidated formations such as coarse sand or gravel on surface hole.
3. Used as hole cleaner in sweeps.
4. Excellent for use as a viscosifier in spud mud's.
5. Used as a sweep prior to cementing, to seal off any potential theft zones that may prevent a good cement job.