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Control and Prevent Lost Circulation

Drilling fluid expense can be directly related to lost circulation. Controlling and preventing lost circulation is the primary concern of our company. Boysenblue/Celtec International’s applied cellulosic fibers assure efficient circulation, restore loss circulation, cure seepage lost and prevent differential sticking.

Environmentally safe, our products can be used in oil muds, water muds or synthetics. These innovative, cost effective additives are non-threatening to the environment.

Custom Blending and Manufacturing

Today’s wells are deeper, hotter and more complicated that anytime in drilling history. Working with oil companies, our engineers research well formations and develop products that meet these critical drilling conditions.

Celstar, Inc., a subsidiary of Boysenblue/Celtec International, manufactures and supports our product line. If drilling conditions dictate custom blending, Celstar will research, formulate, size and package the fiber to meet the conditions of that site.

Our fully equipped lab allows us to analyze and evaluate geological conditions and formations before we make product recommendations. Generally, we know the type of product necessary for a particular site, BEFORE we get the call!

Cures for Lost Circulation Worldwide

Every rig location presents a unique drilling environment. Terrain and geological conditions well determine the type of drilling fluids needed. Mud additives are determined by similar criteria.

Boysenblue/Celtec International’s mud additives solve problems in wells both onshore and offshore, from South Texas to the Far East. We have field experience with virtually every kind of drilling fluid, in all types of geological formations, all over the world.

Data manuals can be written in most languages requested. Technical instructions and assistance is given in the operators native language to ensure confidence in product usage.

Quick Product Availability

Our products are stocked in numerous locations both domestically and internationally. If custom blending is required, we immediately prepare and ship the special-made product. Regardless of the location of your well, we can quickly meet your on-site needs.

Products that Keep Production High and Costs Low

For over 30 years, Boysenblue/ Celtec International’s applied cellulosic technology has saved oil companies millions of dollars and reduced down-time. Our additives for oil-based and water-based fluids, and synthetics, help ensure circulation, correct lost circulation, control seepage and prevent or eliminate differential sticking without harming the formation or adversely affecting the rheology.

Technology for the present and the future.

Custom Blending

Today’s wells are deeper, hotter and more complicated than anytime in drilling history. Boysenblue/Celtec International, Inc. has been in business since 1980, with many years’ experience developing products to meet the critical drilling needs of our customers.

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Reduce Down Time

Sine 1980, Boysenblue/ Celtec International’s applied cellulosic technology has saved oil companies millions of dollars and reduced down-time.

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