Mechanical lubricant for prevention/reduction of torque and drag. Coarse Super-Slide beads are used to assist slide drilling in horizontal drilling. Not recommended for prevention of differential sticking.

General Description

Super-Slide – C – 12-20 mesh

Super-Slide – M – 20-40 mesh

Super-Slide – F – 170-325 mesh

Product Benefits

  1. Super-Slide C due to larger than usual size gives greater ball-bearing effect to drill pipe/collars while horizontal and slide drilling.
  2. Super-Slide M reduced torque and drag in all situations and in all mud types.
  3. Super-Slide F offers good torque reduction inside cased hole. Also have proved to be an excellent additive to reduce drag/torque when drilling with coiled tubing.
  4. Due to specific gravity glass beads will not float but remain suspended in a viscosified fluid.

Product Description

  • Color: Clear with slight green tint
  • Specific Gravity: 2.5 – 2.6
  • Hardness: 5.5 (moh’s scale)
  • Crush Resistance: ±47,000 pounds
  • Packaging: 50 lb. multilayer bags
  • 40 bags/pallet

Typical Treatment:

Super-Slide glass beads can be added to entire system or run in sweeps. Excellent results have been found by first running sweeps with 10-20 lb./bbl and then following with 1-2 sx per hour.

Case History 1:

OPERATOR: Aegis Energy
LOCATION:South Thornwell, Jeff Davis Parish,
15.4 lb/gal. water mud


Drilled side track #2 on 16,000′, 60° well. S. Thornwell area well known for hole problems, stuck pipe and etc. Most operators will not attempt to drill directional wells in the field. Pipe was stuck 100′ from T.D. worked and jarred on pipe 16 hours and it finally came free. Operator wanted to log hole through drill pipe but feared sticking pipe again. Four ppb Super-Slide glass beads and 10% Blen-Lube was added to sufficient mud to fill open hole, and was spotted. Logging took six (6) hours, sometimes leaving D.P. still for 20 minutes. Hole was logged with no problems and no drag on D.P.

Plans were to spot another similar pill to run casing, but the hole did not have commercial prospects and was plugged and abandoned.

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